Origins 2010 Expanded Coverage – Col. Louis Zocchi

The first face-to-face interview that I did at Origins was one that surprised me. I went upstairs to where Origins After Dark was held in the evenings, but I went up there for a brunch-time media thing. The session info that I got simply said that the Guests of Honor and Special Guests would be available to talk to.

So, I walked upstairs, saw an older gentleman sitting by himself, and when I noticed the Guest of Honor ribbon on his badge, I saw down to shake his hand and speak to him about who he was and to find out what made him a guest of honor. Turns out I sat down with Col. Louis Zocchi, one of first people to work at selling dice to gaming geeks of all stripes.

Zocchi believes that the dice his company Game Science produces roll more randomly because their edges are not smoothed out. Additionally, Zocchi is the inventor of the d100 (or the Zocchihedron), and Game Science sell the d Total, a die that can is effectively “17 dice in one.”

My time with Col Louis was… interesting, and I’m sure that anyone who has spoken to him at a convention would be able to say the same thing. But don’t let me foist my opinion on you, find out what you think, for yourself.

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