Origins Game Fair Day 4 – Advanced Dimens…

The back half of day 4 was a bit of an odd beast for me. Firstly, it was the only time during this convention when I didn’t have something that I was planning on doing. I mean, I had the Cheese Grinder finals at 7, but I was wandering by 2:30. I grabbed some food at my favorite convention spot (Barely’s Brewing Company) and ended up playing in what I have to call “The Most Interesting Game That I Played At Origins.” (It’s seriously┬ácapitalized┬álike that in my head). That game was…

Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Prepratory Super-Elementary Fortress 555!!!!!!!!!!!

No, seriously.

It is made by the guys at Windmill Game Co, the same people who publish Dread. It’s not out yet, as they need funds for said publishing, but it had a huge cult following at the convention. Some of the folks in the session had played the game 4-5 times during the con. I would try to give more details on it, but 1. I’m going to post expanded thoughts later, and 2. I’m not sure anything but the audio could really do it justice.

Following that, I played in the finals for the Cheese Grinder. I cannot stress this enough: if you are going to be at Dragon*Con this fall, please check out this event. It was their first year at Origins, and it was good, but the sessions at Dragon*Con are apparently a Thing Not To Be Missed.

Now, I have the last day of the convention in front of me, and there’s not a lot on my plate. I have a media meet-and-greet with the Origins Award Winners, and then… well, that’s it. No sessions look appealing to my tired brain, so I’ll talk to the winners, make a last pass through the Exhibit Hall and then head home.

I’ve made a lot of contacts, and I’ve grabbed almost 40 hours of audio. You can expect my after-convention mind-dump sometime on Monday and then in-depth looks at what I did and enjoyed as the week goes on.

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