Origins Game Fair Day 4 – It Burns, oh it Burns!

Oddly, considering how busy I’ve been here, and how many events I’ve participated in at this convention, today is a slow day for me. It’s busiest day of Origins, but I have less planned to do today than any other so far. It doesn’t help that I left my camera back when I sleep, so I don’t even have random picture-taking to keep me occupied.

Anyway, I did manage to get into a game this morning at the recommendation of David (hey again, David), and I played in a session of Burning Wheel. I know comparatively little about the system, but I’ve gone into all of my sessions with an open mind, and I did not regret doing so in this case. It was a super-RP type of session, with some complicated conflict resolution mechanics involved. That having been said, the GM was excellent and the session was great fun. Any time you have the chance to eviscerate a hated opponent in a knife duel, things are good.

I’ve got a weird chunk of time left before I play in the finals of The Cheese Grinder. If I go to find a session to occupy my time, then I run the risk of missing the slot for the Finals, so I’m probably going to grab some food and relax. I’m really happy to be able to play in these finals, but there’s one thing that I will likely miss due to the finals.

Savage Saturday Night is a session that Pinnacle Entertainment runs when they go to a convention. I had gotten the details about what the session was to be, and I was thrilled. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, The Cheese Grinder is happening at the same time, and it will likely run too long for me to make it. *sigh* So, Pinnacle guys, if you happen to read this, know that I wish I could make it. I love the system and the Deadlands setting, so I’ll look for you at GenCon.

Well, that’s all for me for now. I’ll be sure to report back after The Cheese Grinder with more conventions news.

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