Origins Game Fair – Day 2.57893 +3

My internal clock is all kinds of messed up right now, and it’s all thanks to the Cheese Grinder. I ended up playing for almost 4 hours, and am now in the running for the “Crispy Critter” aware, which would get me into the finals. Dying at -434HP will do that to you. But I’m getting ahead of myself; let me start at 6PM last night.

6PM: Session of Eclipse Phase scheduled

I was excited for this. I had gotten to play Cthulhutech on the first night of the convention, and I was hoping to have as good of a time with the other game that ended up at Sandstorm. Much to my dismay, the GM for the session was ill, and the session was canceled. I pouted for about 5 seconds, and then pulled out my Event Guide.

Turns out there was some Delta Green going on not too far from me, and it was being run by the fine folks over at The DG game ended up being full, but I landed in a BRP Call of Cthulhu game, which was a lot of fun. (Side note, I need to go back and edit my previous posts because I apparently have been spelling Cthulhu wrong in almost all of my posts). Additionally, I was offered a spot in a Delta Green game today at 6, so I’ll be doing that in a few hours. Turns out that Origins has been a very, very Cthulhu convention for me.

10PM: Impromptu game of Dread

One of the guys that I played Cthulhutech with has become one of those people that I have continually run into at this convention. (Hey, David). He’s also one of those guys who knows a lot of people, and who both plays and loves a lot of different games. He turned me on to Dread, an Horror RPG that used a Jenga tower to resolve, well, everything. I had never played a diceless RPG before, and I was a bit skeptical. I need not have been. It was a great game and I had a great time. I’m hoping to pick up a copy of it very soon.

Also, as a side note related to Dread, there is a session of it being run at KantCon, so if you’re going to make it to KC, do yourself a favor and check it out.

1AM: Planned departure gets derailed

I was planning on leaving. I’ve been doing my best to take care of myself so I don’t get sick, burned out, or both. That having been said, as I was walking for the door last night, I heard a small voice calling out to me saying: “Hey. Hey, you. Yeah, you with the tall and the planned departure. You haven’t played any Pathfinder yet.” And I knew: It was the call of the Cheese Grinder.

Basically, make a super-cheesy, broken, munchkined-out character (or grab a pre-gen) and survive as many different rooms as you can. I grabbed a Halfling Rogue that they made available, and I played for almost four hours. I ended up being the only player for the last 2/3s of the time, and it was a blast. I have all of the audio for that time, and I hope that my efforts get me to the Finals; I’d love to become the King of Cheese.

6:30am Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

I did manage to get some of that precious resource. Not much, but enough (maybe).

10AM All Flesh Must Be Eaten – Enter the Riddick

I have wanted to play this system (which was a lot of fun, by the way), and I got to portray Richard B. Riddick in all of his badass glory. It was a really cool scenario, combining aspects of many different Sci-Fi genres. I even won the Roleplaying award for that session, which netted me a nifty set of dice. Again, session audio was captured, and will be forthcoming with more details on the session and the game system.

So that’s my tale of a too late night and the day to follow. I’m hoping to make it through the Delta Green session and then crash so I can be fresh for Saturday. Until then, remember, never split the party.

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  1. You did well playing Riddick in the All Flesh Must Be Eaten game. Very independent… which was hard on your ol’ sarge 😉 I hope the audio turned out ok. (It was pretty noisy in that room.)


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