Origins Game Fair Day 2 – Intro

Today is starting out at a much slower pace for me than yesterday did. I don’t think that is too surprising, given that I slept a little less than I would have preferred, and am up a little earlier than I would like. However, that is not going to stop me from having another good day of gaming.

I’m basically just floating around the convention this morning, seeing what there is to see until my Realms of Cthulu session at 10AM. There are already a bunch more people here than I expected to see, so I’m planning on walking around, snapping pictures of the Board Games, Collectible Card Games and Miniatures Games areas, so you all will have a chance to see just how extensive these areas are. My focus is always tabletop RPGs, but I don’t want to leave those other types of gaming out of my coverage.

So, until I get back here with some words about Realms of Cthulu and the Exhibition Hall, find me on Twitter and enjoy your morning!

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