Origins Game Fair Day 1 – Cthulhutech and Fluxx

For the last two items on the docket at Origins today,  had the chance to play the items listed in the title above.

Cthulhutech is a near-futuristic game that combines two types of awesome into one super-awesome thing: the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and Japanese Anime-style mechs. The setting is very cool, and the system is a lot of fun to play until you get to the combat. With the 8 players we had at the table, the combat bogged down quite a bit. If the group had been smaller, it would have been better, but the combat is still a bit clunky. The upshot is that nearly everything in the game uses the same framework for die rolling, so all you need is a lot of d10s (not as many as you need when playing a Storyteller System game, which is a good thing).

I really wanted to record the audio for this session, and it was the best session of the day in terms of content, but the room was packed with four other tables of games, and there was no way our game would have been audible enough.

After a dinner at Barley’s (if you’re here in Columbus for Origins, do yourself a favor and get a meal there, especially if you like beer a lot; trust me). I went back to the Convention Center and checked out the Looney Labs booth, where they have all of their games available for demo play. Specifically, I wanted to check out Fluxx, and the guys at the Looney welcome desk were kind enough to give me a demo of it. I’ll say this: if you have a group of friends that enjoy good, random fun in the form of a card game, then check out Fluxx. It players quickly and is easy to get the hang of if you buy it.

Overall, my first day at Origins was really, really great. Having never been to a gaming convention before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was prepared for the worst, just to be safe. I met a lot of great people, and made a lot of great contacts for content here on TC. My only regret, thus far, is that I don’t have more time during the day because I’d love to have the chance to upload all of the pictures and audio that I captured today. Fortunately, I have a week between this convention and KantCon, so that should give me the time to make all of that extra media available to you.

Tomorrow, the Exhibition Hall opens to the public, so you can expect that I’ll be spending a decent amount of time there. As well, I have games scheduled for Realms of Cthulhu and Eclipse Phase, both of which have me very excited.

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