SORD (System Operational Reference Digest) for Pathfinder. Oh Hell Yes.

SORD PF is either the boiled down distillate of basic combat mechanics for Pathfinder, or a GM’s shield on steroids and a half-gallon of high test coffee. The stated goal is to reduce combat time by 15 minutes per encounter and I can see where this will deliver.

Gone are the days of flipping through a 575 page core rule book. At 36 pages of usable material, SORD PF takes all the frustration out of finding how to break out of a grapple, or just how much damage a 7th level Cleric will do to undead when they channel energy.

Weapons tables, skill checks, movement, special attacks, fire and lava damage – it’s all here. As an added bonus the PDF is completely bookmarked so in electronic format it’s a snap to find a topic area, or simply CTRL-F to find that specific bit of info you need for your grapple zealous Bard or the fighter who’s stumbled in to a nest of acid spitting lava golem.

I find the PDF to be the way to go electronically. CTRL-F works on both it and the Pathfinder SRD, but it searches the whole shebang in the PDF and does it faster.  Plus I can print it out for the PC’s who don’t get PC’s.

This is worth the cover price of $4.95 to be able to honestly speed up your encounters, keeping them fun and a lot less frustrating.

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