Origins Game Fair Day 1 – Morton’s & White Star

Done with my first two sessions of the day and here to give you the scoop on them, albeit briefly.

The first thing I ended up doing today was playing a session of Morton’s List, a game that promises the end of boredom. If you’ve ever been hanging with a group of friends and haven’t been able to decide what to do, this is the game for you. To boil it way, waaaay down, you roll dice, get a quest that you will actually do in real life and vow to see it through to completion.

We ended up making wishes by blowing bubbles down onto a crowd of con attendees and then going to get coffee, the catch being that each person in the group was assigned a letter of the alphabet and had to order an item starting with that letter. It might sound lame, but I’m not nearly doing it justice. I grabbed the audio of the session, and I’ll be posting that here, and via The Gamer’s Haven.

The second item on my list today was a session of Fellowship of the White Star, a d20 game with a heavy emphasis on investigation and mystery. It was a cool setting, but it took me a little while to get my head into the game. D20 is usually combat-heavy, so doing thinking, rather than fighting, was a big change of pace. I’ll be stopping by their booth tomorrow, so you can expect more info and an interview with them sometime in the coming weeks/months.

The crowd here is still pretty low-key, which is cool. I’m also doing my best to grab pictures, but I tend to forget that I have a camera in my bag; I’ll try harder. Onward, to more conventioning!

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