Origins Game Fair – Day 1 Intro

Well, I made it here, safe and sound. I forgot to bring the cable for the synchronizing of the digital camera, so pictures will have to wait.

First thoughts from a first-time conventioner:

1. There are some really nice people here. I ended up having to wait in line to get some generic event tickets (lack of planning, go me) and had a really good conversation with the two guys in front of me. No weird geek moments of social awkwardness, just some good talk about games. Now, we did have plenty of time to talk since it took us almost an hour to go through the Event Ticket line, but that’s point #2.

2. Organization could use some work. As a friend of mine from Twitter commented: “Not sure how #origins2010 continues to exist with the mess of a website that they have… yeesh!” That same lack of organization is present at the convention, too. I mean, it’s not horrible; you can find what you’re looking for. However, it would be nice to have a little more structure going on behind the scenes.

3. I’m going to be able to play some really cool games. I’ve got tickets to “All Flesh Must Be Eaten,” “Cthulhutech,” and “Eclipse Phase.” As well, I’ve already heard about a game today that is going to get some of my generic tickets, but I’ll save those details for later. I was disappointed to find out that the Exhibitors Hall isn’t open to the public until tomorrow, ┬ábut that’s not a huge deal; it just means that I can spend another day thinking that my money won’t be flying out of my pocket at this convention.

4. Wednesday is the slow, casual day. Which is good, as it means that I’ll be able to better get my bearings.

So, that’s my first set of thoughts. I’ve got a game scheduled at 1:30, so I’ll be back after that with my impressions of that event. Until then, to get regular, small updates, make sure you follow me on Twitter.

Oh, and pardon me for the laziness, but I’m going to use the same picture for all of these Origins posts. I’m typing quickly and don’t have the desire to find a new image for each one. Sorry.

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