Loco Island : Playstation Home

Now, I don’t normally buy extras for PS Home but when I saw Loco Island I was just a little bit tempted. It was £3.99 and I had some spare funds in my wallet plus there was the bonus of being able to interact with your Locos and play games. Oh, and the idea of owning a desert island all of my own was just awesome.

NB. I have only been playing this for a few days so haven’t progressed very far yet.

You first arrive on a small grassy knoll linked to the main island by a short sandbank; a MuiMui is sitting on the wooden deck nearby. Why not be friendly with your Locos and go say ‘Hi’?

Use your controller to stand in front of any Locos and greet them with a wave then do a little casual dance just because you can. By interacting with the Locos in this way you can gain pickories which you will need later when you meet King MuiMui. Not every interaction will result in a gift of pickories but it doesn’t hurt to be friendly does it?

Walk across the sandbank and you will find an information board. Not much there at the moment but it does tell you how many Locos are living on your island with you (and the maximum that are allowed – no overcrowding in this paradise please). You may also meet one or more of the cute and loveable Loco Rocos who bounce and roll around giggling together. If you dance for them they will follow you around like adoring yellow squishy balls. Collect all five together, the number you start off with, and they may even reward you with a special song and more pickories.

To your left and right there are more sandbanks connecting you to the main island, go left initially and wander towards the social hub for Locos – the bar. There’s an access point here for the Playstation Store but only to download demos or buy full versions of the Loco Roco games family. You will also see two adorable MuiMui on the beach, one is constantly being buried by the other but I think they are only playing (well I hope so). Go up the other steps and enter the fun bar area, don’t forget to greet the MuiMui and dance with them, they do love it.

On the stage area there’s a permanent video screen showing the Loco Roco games and King MuiMui holds court in front of it. Approach him and he will talk a little at first, on subsequent visits he is only interested in your pickories.  King MuiMui loves pickories and has items to sell in exchange for them. If you haven’t got enough pickories then be on your way til you have collected more.

King MuiMui will grandly inform you that you can live in the tree next door (although you kinda have to share with the little MuiMui). So, off you go then, cross the bridge and explore your new domain.

The house is unfurnished but you can use the free furniture from your Harbour Studio or buy Loco furniture from one of the stores in the new shopping area. However, Loco furniture is limited – each piece is worth so many and you have an allowance no amount of bartering will let you exceed. Sometimes a flying pickorie is buzzing around your home; to catch it just stand as close in front of it as you can and dance.

The stairs hug the outside of your tree house so wander on up and admire the view. Then walk back down and approach the Chuppa. Press the ‘x’ button to play and he will suck you tight to his mouth and then shoot you up into the tree onto a platform. Climb up higher (notice the MuiMui on the branch above and don’t forget to be friendly) then go even higher til you find the slide.


The slide takes you down through your treehouse and throws you out at the bottom. Catch your breath and carry on exploring. Walk on round the beach a little further and you will find a MuiMui sat all on his own with some nuts bobbing about in a net on the water behind him. Did you notice the occasional nut lying about on the beach while you were exploring? Well if you pick them up this amenable MuiMui will exchange them for more pickories.

And there you are, you know how to get pickories and you know where to sell them – so what can you buy from King MuiMui?

Well, he sells all sorts of extras** for your island domain; things like a fishing rod or bouncy ball for the MuiMui to play with, a jukebox for the bar and more songs to add to it, a game of LocoReverse which is totally infuriating and (my personal favourite so far) a sun lounger for the beach near the information board. That’s where I am sat while I write this post.

So far I feel I have definitely got a good deal for my money – I can see myself getting a little bored of waving and dancing for pickories (hmm, what kind of profession does that lol) but it’s cutsie and a little fun and I can dream of having my own personal island one day while I lie on my sun lounger and play with my Locos.

**btw, if you look at the image you can get hints at other stuff you can buy.

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