Now Hiring – Mapmaker and Pathfinder Subject Matter Expert

I’m looking for two individuals who would have the below qualities and be able to fill the following roles:

1.) Be cool. Enjoy working on RPG stuff with a desire to maybe even get into the industry at some point in a non-indie way.

2.) Be willing to work on a co-op basis. That is, you’ll receive 10% of the total profit made from a title you work on, paid via paypal on a monthly basis. There are more details but we can work that out via email. Oh, and you’ll also get free copies of everything I put up for publication, your name in the credits and my undying gratitude.

3.) Be committed to not vanishing on me because that’s just not cool.

Mapmaker: I need an individual who’s good at making simple maps for use in game. Primarily these maps would be included as 8×10 (or smaller) inserts into campaign modules and world building documents. I may require a small region to be mapped out (i.e. town goes here, forests, mountains roads) or a village/town/city. If you’re also good with vector graphics and able to make a 1″ to 5′ battle map for tactical situations I will think you an even more amazing person.

Pathfinder Subject Expert: You must have at least 4 years experience running Pathfinder games and also be able to detect the joke in this sentence. You are intimate with the Pathfinder rules in a non-biblical sense and can immediate spot flaws in such things as magic items created, new character classes, races and other things that have to do with game mechanics. Being a GM with a stable group is a plus.

I would send you documents that are somewhere along in the editorial process and you would point out all the things I did wrong because I’ve stared at these things for 14 hours straight and can’t see colors or taste apples anymore.

If you’re interested and would like to talk further, please email me at ben at trollitc dot com.

For a look at works already available using artists working via co-op agreements, see here.



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