A featured reviewer for DriveThruRPG – 0one’s Heavenring Villiage: The Lord’s Manor

I’ll take just a moment to toot my own horn and then get down to business.  As of yesterday I became a featured reviewer for DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, which also happens to be the place where I publish and sell all of my own Pathfinder expansion docs.   Toot!

To clear the air right away, no I will not be reviewing my own products which would not only defeat the purpose of a review but be pretty damned self serving.  And no, I don’t know, communicate with or trade reviews with any other featured reviewers.

These reviews are meant to be fairly short and to the point.  I plan on publishing them both at DTRPG and also on Troll in the Corner.

My first review went up today, for 0one’s Heavenring Village: The Lord’s Manor, a map pack that’s system neutral.

The Lord’s Manor is one of a number of buildings detailed in 0one’s Heavenring Village.  This 33 page PDF starts with an introduction to their product line, gives a brief introduction to the village itself and jumps right into the map.  The document is Black & White.

Organized into 8 x 10 sheets with a GM’s reference map which allows notes to be added about locations and also acts a guide to constructing the manor.

One feature of the 0one maps I very much like is the “Rule the Dungeon” button.  While opened in your PDF viewer (Acrobat Standard in my case) you can click this button and configure a number of options, which you can read more about in the product description.

The map itself is straight forward, easy to construct and is system neutral.  Vector graphics give it a great resolution when printed and some of the toggles in the PDF allow you to reduce the amount of ink used by removing fill – a nice feature.

The descriptive prose could use a little work, some of the sentences are awkwardly constructed and hard to read.  This does not effect the construction of or use of the map though.

At it’s current price of $1.99 it’s a good, inexpensive addition to your game.  I’ve given it 4 out of 5 stars.

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