9 signs you’ve been roleplaying too much

You’re handed an important task at work and you think to yourself “No problem, I’ll just take 20.”

You see a majestic Elk while hiking through the woods and know immediately that someone, somewhere rolled a 34-39 on d100 for this encounter.

You think of the Large Hadron Colidor in terms of mega-damage.

You know precisely the levels at which wizards can cast x spells/day and what the CR is of 4 level 3 goblin rogues but you can’t remember the 4 digit PIN for your ATM card.

You’ve ever quoted the rules complete with page number on an online forum, without actually referencing the book.

You’ve ever done three different voices, two sound effects and added a dramatic flourish in one conversation.¬† About buying rations.

You’ve sat at your desk at work for seven hours, sent three work related emails and spent six and a half hours polishing off tonight’s adventure.

Authors and artists have no idea who you are when you introduce yourself¬† until you give them your forum nickname.¬† “SirRavenHawkNightBlade03”

You’ll argue for hours over a rules point that would have your character at 1 hp rather than 0 hps but meekly accept when the clerk at Walmart won’t let you return 32 day old, unopened sun screen.

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3 thoughts on “9 signs you’ve been roleplaying too much

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  1. “Authors and artists have no idea who you are when you introduce yourself until you give them the you forum nickname”

    I have this problem sometimes. A few online friends, when finally introducing me to their real life friends, go, “This is Hannah.” “Who?” “This is Kaoz.” “Oh! Her!” I also answer to Demon, Swordgleam, and Chaotic Shiny in real life.


  2. See, Swordgleam, if you just made your online name the same everywhere AND it was your real name like mine, you’d not have that problem ;).

    I just checked out your site, do you write all of those generators yourself? That’s pretty impressive.


  3. I do! I usually try to put up a new one twice a month, so it’s not a huge workload when you consider the site’s been up for a few years.

    I first went by Kaoz, but that was taken at a lot of places since it’s a misspelling of a common word, so I started going by Swordgleam. But that was taken on AIM, so I had to use a different screenname. I mostly use Swordgleam these days.


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