The World of Aruneus – Clerics and Wizards released for free!

Another free release via DriveThruRPG of Aruneus source material!   Clerics and Wizards sets the stage for power, intrigue, conspiracy theories, hysterical behavior and possibly unwarranted incarceration for your RPG party!  High Fantasy has never been so low ball political.

Even after the zombie apocalypse, power attracts.  Factions via for pollitical mastery while countless beings are consumed by the ever hungry undead.  In the world of Aruneus, the undead aren’t the only danger.

This supplement contains details on the Order of the White Cloth and magic users in the world of Aruneus, including the rise to power of the Order of the White Cloth and the fall of the Wizards under the Order’s rule.

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4 thoughts on “The World of Aruneus – Clerics and Wizards released for free!

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  1. This looks good, Ben. I’m going to give it a thorough read when I get some time later, but on my first quick glance I noticed something. You aren’t appealing to the crunch crowd. I personally lean more towards role play myself, but this struck me as something the article could use. I think your setup is good, but some game mechanics that set your world’s Clerics aside from typical Pathfinder Clerics. Maybe a new spell or feat? I’m sure that kind stuff will make it into the final release, but a tease of it here could help gather interest.

    I think a neat example might be an alternate Spell list for the White Magi, dropping some Wizard Spells but picking up some Cleric Spells cast as if Arcane. Or maybe dropping the Familiar class benefit for Turn Undead, something like that.


  2. Wait until the Zombie supplement comes out. That will appeal to the crunch crowd. It’s chock full O mechanics, rules, a new feat, and a lot more.



  3. As another comment, since I foolishly hit the Submit Comment button early:

    I like your ideas re: the order and whatnot. These supplements I’ve released so far are pure back ground and story. All the mechanical stuff will be coming. In addition to the zombies, I have the Orcs as a PC race (about 75% done), The Gods of Aruneus (about 5% done) a bunch of modules and more in the works.

    The White Magi may get a supplement though with a whole new School for spells they can opt for. As well as some new spells period and a bunch of other stuff.



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