Aruneus has a zombie problem. And now we’ve captured one of them for display!

I’ve been talking about Aruneus, the zombie apocalypse and high fantasy for a while now.  Today marks a big day for this whole project.

The first official Aruneus supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system is nearing completion!  I’ve gotten the rough art for the zombies from the fantastic Seth Kumpf.  Here’s a sneak peak!

I think that it’s great!  Keep in mind it’s not the finished artwork either.  Seth did a bang up job imagining what the three different types of zombies would look like and then translating that into art.

Other than some formatting and the finalization of the artwork, The World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Human Zombies is ready to head to the (virtual) printers!  It will be available through our storefront at DriveThruRPG, where we already have a few free products.

The Orcs supplement is about 80% complete, with a new playable race, a new beastie and some other neat stuff.

Lastly, I’m launching the play test of the official campaign tonight.  Once we’ve played it through and I can tweak it some, I’ll have that available as well!

Note: If you want to follow the development of the Aruneus world, just click this. Bookmarking that will bring you back to the latest news. Interested in backing this project and receiving all kinds of neat stuff? Check us out at Kickstarter!

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  1. Yes, with some of the free ones being extra material. Keep in mind though, if I don’t get the funding through Kickstarter, these supplements are going to be how I’m going to do it.



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