Brushfire – History Rodentia: a miniatures war game

If you have a moment, check out fellow Kickstarter On the Lamb Games and their newest project, Brushfire!  I did and I’m now a backer.

A miniatures wargame set in an version of Earth with animal-based countries. From Napoleonic France populated by burrowing mammals, to an Ottoman Empire founded by reptilian nomads, Brushfire continues to follow our Legendary Realms roleplaying mentality with an in depth hero and army development system, as well as a complex Campaign design.

We’ve been working on this for about two years now, and have just gotten the first batch of miniatures done, we hope to have the rulebook and several more batches of miniatures ready for Gencon this year.

The rulebook will contain eight factions, including French Badgers, Italian Mice, Germanic Rats, and Arabian Lizards. Play is focused on skirmishes with only a dozen or so models required for play. A variety of additional play styles, such as siege warfare, campaigns, and role playing rules, are also included.

They have the basic demo rules on their website, take a look and give Brushfire a try. We hope you’ll enjoy playing as much as we do.

Spread the word to all your friends and co-workers, on all your social networks, at your gaming groups and church gatherings. Brushfire is coming in 2010 and with your help it will be a big success!

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