Goblin Joe’s Magic Emporium and Traveling Swapmeet: Stone Pony Bag

Here at Goblin Joe’s we offer the finest selection of magical accouterments and adventurer gear at the finest prices this side of the Dwarven Kingdom.  And if you’ve ever seen a Dwarven King, you know that his best side is. . . er. . . yes, I see you have a Dwarf in your party.

Anyway, I’m prepared to offer you this delightful and useful magical bag for the low price of just 15,000 GP! But wait! Put your money away there son, you don’t even know what it’s for yet.

Many of your elder adventurer peers will express their joy at having at their disposal a Bag of Holding.   Find your fourth +1 short sword while delving dungeons?  Shove it in the bag of holding and forget about it until you reach your favorite merchant!  What?  Yeah sure. I’ll give you 50 GP for it.  Yes I know it’s a +1 short sword and I’m only gonna give you 50.  These things are common as mud on a peasant!

The bag?  What bag. Oh, THAT bag!

This is no ordinary bag my friends!  This bag happens to be a relic from an earlier time – the 5th incandescent war to be precise!  Hey!  Tell the Dwarf not to drink that.  I don’t care if he’s thirsty.  She? Cripes how can I tell when they all have beards?

THIS bag is an ancient magical wonder.  Combining the most esoteric secrets of the bag of holding and the clear, spindle shaped Ioun Stone,  guaranteed to produce, at your request and whenever you need it, one genuine live pony!  Now the last guy to own this was one of them nancy elves who ran around holding the bag open and yelling “Live pony Live!”  Oh.  Yes I see you have an Elf in the party too.  I thought that was your daughter.  Sorry Ma’am.  Er, sir.

What? Yeah, I said pony.  I don’t know, to ride?  Feed it to your Dwarf for all I care.  What?  I will not put this bag up my – hey!  Come back!  Wait!  Look, 10,000 GP then, right?

The Stone Pony Bag

Aura: Conjuration, Abjuration.  CL: 6

Slot: in pack.  Price: 15,000 10,000 GP.  Weight: 2 lbs.

The Stone Pony bag allows a player to shove one live Pony in to it, where the pony will survive indefinitely as long as food and water are also added to the bag.

The Twitter posts that started it all:


random geek question of the day — how much can go in a bag of holding? Could I put a pony in there? #DnD


@ruthbeingruth if you can fit the pony through the bag opening . . .woscallit? Bag Mouth? If you can get it in, then yes you can store it.


@ruthbeingruth Amount depends on type of BoH, pony possibly if widest girth was < 2 feet around and weight < type max weight, but… #DnD


@Siliconwolf oh no!!! Suffocating pony! Good point. I never tried putting anything alive in mine.


@Siliconwolf @ruthbeingruth What if you shove the pony in there, hold the bag open and run around getting air in to it?


@Siliconwolf @ruthbeingruth I mean, other than looking like Legolas or something running about with an open bag shouting “Live Pony!”


@Trollitc @ruthbeingruth Could just give pony an iridescent spindle Ioun stone that sustains w/o air, still need to protect bag from hooves.


@Trollitc ok, the “Live Pony!” thing cracked me up. I’m laughing & crying in my cube. This is probably not good.


Stone Pony Bag – High Fantasy’s solution to the problem of never having a pony when you need one. #rpg

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4 thoughts on “Goblin Joe’s Magic Emporium and Traveling Swapmeet: Stone Pony Bag

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  1. I need to gather me up some gold and buy this, it took our DM ages to get us horses in the last game!

    The only problem I have is that when I hear Stone Pony, I want to rock out to Bruce Springsteen, hmmm, serious interfering geekdoms problem.


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