D&D 3.5 – class is now in session! Online class on how to play and GM tips

Over at the acclaimed University of Reddit, a new course is in the offering.  It’s a D&D 3.5 how-to for beginners!

Being run by Professor Loveeggs (yeah, user names are fun!) it looks like a great, online and FREE way to learn more about D&D and also pick up some GMing tips.

Learn to play, (basics and RP [role playing] tips), Dungeon Master (basics and advanced), or both!

I’m pretty sure all of you have heard of DnD or had the desire to play it at some point. This course will give you the chance to learn in an environment where you can ask questions and get tips for playing. More experienced players are welcome as well because DMing(dungeon mastering) tips and tips for players will be taught as well after the basics are covered. Come pick up a lifelong, social and fun hobby!

I’ve been playing and DMing DnD 3.5 (and a few other systems) for about two years now. I currently manage the r/rpgrecordings subreddit (an offshoot of r/rpg which is a fantastic subreddit) that focuses on people who have recorded sessions of their RPG games.

I’m making this class on a whim to see if people are interested. If interest is shown we can start talking about times and format. Right now I’m thinking of combined text and voice chat lessons and possibly screen casts. Having a voice chat server appeals to me as you all can ask questions as I “lecture.”

Here are some possible course topics (this is not complete)

For players:

Basics: How to play, how the numbers and dice work, what the game looks like in action.

Character Creation and “Advanced” Character Creation: How to go about making a character from scratch. Where to find more options for your characters. How to create a solid back story and personality for roleplay.

Roleplay tips and table etiquette: How to become the favorite person at the table. When to speak up, when to shut up, metagaming, advanced roleplaying tips, character evolution. Manners and how to make the DM love you.

And more!

For GMs

Basics: How to DM. What it’s like on the other side of the screen. “Kick down the door” vs “roleplay” group moods.

World Building: How to make a living, breathing world in which your characters can act, grow and have a great time. Adding depth, layers, history and more. Much more.

Misc tips: How to organize your game, how to keep the players happy in events of trouble, “fake it ’till you make it”, interesting tidbits, anything I can think of that doesn’t fit the other categories.

DnD is something that has been very positive in my life, and I want to share it with the rest of you. Sign up/give advice or ideas in the comments!


Class time will most likely be one hour long, every Thursday night at 6:00PM PST. We well also have some sessions on Tuesdays as I am going on vacation this summer for two weeks and would like to finish the class before this. If this time conflicts with too many people please let me know via the course email. All class sessions will be recorded and then posted on r/rpg or r/rpgrecordings, depending on what I eventually decide.

If you registered, please send me an email at RedditDndUniversity@gmail.com with your name, if the class time works, and what you hope to get out of the class (DM tips, how to play, all of the above, etc.)

So far it looks like the class will be about six-eight weeks long, depending on how often we meet. Here’s a VERY tentative schedule, it’s subject to change at any moment (including the day of.)

Week One Thursday, May 22: Game basics. How to play, how the mechanics work. How to create a character on the numbers side. Suggested reading: Player’s Handbook 3.5 Skim through the classes section, races section, combat section, and as much else as you feel like. Don’t read for comprehension, just skim it very lightly.

Week Two Wednesday, June 2 AND Thursday, June 3: Wed: Advanced character creation. More advanced players welcome. How to make a great backstory and a great personality. How to merge this with the stats.

Thu: Table etiquette and RP tips. How to not be hated at the table. General rules to follow to have a smoother gaming experience and make friends at the table.

Week Three Thursday, June 10: Dungeon Mastering basics. How to DM on the technical level. How to make a simple story and guide the players down it, etc.

Week Four Wednesday, June 16 AND Thursday, June 17:

Wed: World building. Creating a living breathing world for your players and yourself. Maps, people, history etc.

Thu: Dungeon Mastery. This is where the huge amount of DMing advice will be. This might be an extended class period, or we might branch it into another one. Who knows.

So that’s the basic schedule. Four week class. Don’t forget I’ve never done this before, folks! I won’t be perfect on the scheduling end and whatnot. Please shoot me an email at RedditDndUniversity@gmail.com and we’ll get started the 22nd!

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