KantCon 2010 – What I’m Running

You all saw the post that Ben wrote about KantCon, and I hope to see many TC readers there. Since it’s a little over two months away, I thought I’d tease the Con a little more by giving you all a rundown of the events that I am running for the event. There are some fun things going down, so without further ado…

Pathfinder – Tomb of Horrors

Yes, it’s the module that killed my party, but I thought that it could be a lot of fun to run at the Con, especially because there’s no continuity to worry about, so it doesn’t matter as much if the players bite it. It’s one of the first events happening, so I hope to start things off with a bang.

Savage Worlds – Fallout: Journey to Bridgeport

That’s right, I’m in the process of adapting the Fallout 3 setting to Savage Worlds rules. It’s a pretty good fit, and I think it’ll be a lot of fun to run some players through the Capital Wasteland. My conversion started with the information found at Savage Heroes, and is slowly being added to my Savage Worlds license in Hero Lab. If the session goes well, and if there is interest, I’ll be happy to make all of that data available to you guys.

Pathfinder – Sugar Rush

This is a module that I designed and ran for my home group as a special Halloween adventure. The Halloween adventure has been a staple for me for a few years, and in each group I have played in, I have always enjoyed running or playing in something thematically appropriate for that holiday. My group had a lot of fun in the module, and I thought it would be great fun to bring it to KantCon. Just be careful not to get a toothache from all of the candy.

Savage Worlds – Suzerain – Doctor Ballard I Presume?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Suzerain is a very cool campaign setting that was developed by Talisman Studios, now known as Savage Mojo. After a stint with their own rules system, The publishers changed over to Savage Worlds, and have given the GMs of KantCon a bunch of modules to run, gratis.  Dr. Ballard I Presume is one of the first adventures ever published for Suzerain, and I’ve got one or two twists up my sleeve for this one.

So, that’s my rundown. I am really looking forward to running these events, as well as participating in quite a few others over the course of the three days that I’ll be in Kansas City. If you want a chance to game with some great people, as well as one of your faithful TC writers, then free up some time in early July and come to KantCon.

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4 thoughts on “KantCon 2010 – What I’m Running

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  1. I very much wish I was closer to KC. Kantcon sounds like a great time and I’d love to participate in one (or all) of your games!


  2. Thanks, man. It’s going to be a 12-hour drive for me, so I’m going to make it as worthwhile as I possibly can.


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