All That Remains – Session 2

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The audio for this session. If you want to see all of my post on this campaign, find them here.

This session was much slower-paced than the first one. I was running this game on short notice, and didn’t come into it as prepared as I had hoped to be. That having been said, I think everyone had a good time and is ready to keep moving forward with the game.

This time around, the party had to deal with the immediate aftermath of the Night of the Skull. No one really has any idea at this point as to what is happening, or really, how to deal with it. The only thing that is keeping the keep together at this point is the fact that this is a military city, so order has been maintained, to a point.

I’m toying with a few different ideas for how to craft the campaign, going forward. I really like the idea of survivors going insane, a la Dead Rising. If you listen to the session, then you’ll see that kind of thing happening with the innkeeper that Shvaltha (Smith) rescued during the first session. I’m trying to decide if there are enough people left alive in the city for that type of madness to have happened on a larger scale. I’m thinking that the answer will be yes, that is the case.

Also, I am working on some type of Big, Bad Evil Guy/Girl to act as a foil for the party. I mean, the wide-spread zombie problem is all fine and good to see a group fight against in a movie, but I think that a tabletop RPG works much more effectively if the party has a direct target at which to strike. I think I’ve set the groundwork for that person as well, what with the escape from the city of the Innkeeper and two haughty nobles. Someone had to help them get out, right? Right?

Finally, I decided that the zombies whose stats I basically fudged for the first session needed to get toughened up for the next go-round. To that end, I used the Plague-zombie variant found in the Pathfinder┬áBestiary, which seemed to work well. I was able to drop a few of the party to below 0 HP in the first combat, and I think they felt threatened. As well, a few of them got infected with the plague that is turning people into zombies, so they have that to deal with as well. Really, all they have to do is make two consecutive saves against it to shake it off, so I don’t think it will kill anyone.

The only problem I foresee is the same problem that I usually have with a new campaign: that of cohesiveness. I get a lot of good ideas, but find that I struggle with linking them together in a manner that makes sense. My plots tend to wend their way all over the place, so I’m working on getting the plot to stay in line this time around.

As always, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or feedback, I would greatly appreciate your posting of it. I want this to be my best campaign to date, and more minds giving input will always produce better results than my brain banging along on its own.

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