All That Remains – Session 1

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As promised in my first post about this game, this is my recap of the first session of my new zombie campaign: All That Remains.

First thing’s first: Here’s a link to the audio of the session, courtesy of The Gamer’s Haven.

This being the first session of this campaign, I wanted to really make sure that I made it apparent that this game was going to be different than the previous, more traditional campaign that I had been running. To that end, I ran the entire session in a modified way, jumping from character to character until they made it to safety.

To accomplish that, I used something like an initiative count, but each character had slightly more than the usual amount of time to act than one would usually get in a round of combat. The net result was that each players was very interested in what their character was going to do, but they also paid good attention to what was going on with each of the other players. Normally my group will get a little distracted during combat, but what group doesn’t? This was a nice change of pace.

A final note in the form of how I statted the zombies: I didn’t, really. I never had a single stat written down for any of them, really. This came from a combination of wanting to keep things a little more free-form, and needing to run this game sooner than I thought I was going to (I was expecting to have a couple more weeks to plan, but you go with what you’ve got).

We’re playing the second session tomorrow night, and I hope find good, but different ways to capture the zombie-feel of the game. It should be fun, especially since no one has no idea what’s really going on…

Insert evil laugh here…

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6 thoughts on “All That Remains – Session 1

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  1. hey Ben,
    It’s interesting to me to see how popular zombies are becoming. Seems to be a resurgence in interest. I like the name you chose, “All That Remains.” Cool. Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how this works out, but for now I’m off to search to see if you’ve updated this. Chuck

    PS. Insert evil laugh hereā€¦ LOL.


  2. Hey Chuck

    As you’ve noted I did update my own zombie RPG stuff. Check out the Aruneus link on the right.

    Tracy is the one running All That Remains though and he’ll be uptading these posts.


  3. Ben is right, this is my stuff, and we’ve run two sessions thus far. Hoping to get the third session done soon, but schedules are defeating us.


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