Romantically Apocalyptic is the snaziest web comic you’re not reading

Romantically Apocalyptic is one of those internet gems that a lot more people should be aware of.   RA takes place some unspecified time after a nuclear apocalypse.  The comic  follows the lives of the Captain, the Pilot, the Sniper and the Engineer as they bumble through, laugh insanely at and generally try to get by in a post-nuclear wasteland.

The humor I find to be good in a sarcastic pseudo-insane kind of way.  The artwork is simply amazing.

Illustrated by Vitaly S Alexius who’s profile (available at the link on the left) looks like snapshots a tourist may have brought back from some dark never-never fairyland.

As found on the RA website, his technique makes use of: Photoshop, live actors, dead actors, sexy assistants, greenscreen, a camera, and a Wacom tablet. Each comic page is meticulously digitally painted and contains 6 years worth of textures: 1 terabyte of stock footage, shot in real abandoned, forgotten places of our world.

Up to episode 22 and the folks and fans behind the comic are already working feverishly to turn this into a crowd-sourced live action show (a la Project London).

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3 thoughts on “Romantically Apocalyptic is the snaziest web comic you’re not reading

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  1. I’ve just read all of the episodes. They are wonderfully endearing and have a kind of humor that is adorable and hardcore at the same time. , Oh, and the animation is fantastic.


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