Paradox Interactive gives two forum users lifetime access to all their titles

I think this is just plain old cool.  Paradox Interactive recently snagged their 200,000th forum member.  They gave that person, plus another randomly selected forum member each lifetime access to every Paradox game ever, past, present and future.

Damn.  To me, that’s deserving of the PR.  Cool move Paradox!

That also means those two lucky dogs get Mount & Blade Warband which is now out.  And is also a hell of a lot of fun.

NEW YORK – March 31, 2010 – To celebrate the milestone achievement of reaching 200,000 forum members, Paradox Interactive today awarded user “simonwoof” with a lifetime supply of Paradox PC titles. As the first member past the 200,000 mark to join the loyal Paradox fan community, “simonwoof” will have complete access to all previously released and upcoming PC titles. One more loyal forumite, “X_MasterDave_X,” was randomly selected and will also be rewarded for a long and faithful service with a lifetime supply of Paradox PC games.

The milestone kicks off a celebration that will last 200 hours and will include numerous activities on the Paradox forums. In addition to the 2 lifetime prizes, 200 copies of Paradox games will be hidden in the forums for fans to find, trivia contests will be organized and special ”ask Paradox” threads will be posted. Forumites will also be given a special discount code for 50% off all Paradox Games released prior to December. Redeeming the code will grant forumites a coveted 200k celebration hat.

“Simonwoof” and “X_MasterDave_X” represent a growing community of Paradox enthusiasts that continues to be a vital component of the company’s success. Paradox employees frequently turn to the forums to engage in constant communication with the players who have supported the company throughout the years. The forums provide a destination for passionate discussion on Paradox Interactive titles, improvement and expansion ideas for existing games and in some cases, ideas for new games.

“Our fans are a part of the life and soul of Paradox Interactive. While we are awarding two lucky winners with a lifetime supplies of Paradox PC titles, this occasion is really a celebration for everyone who have had a part in shaping Paradox Interactive to what we are today. It’s been a long and exciting journey that has still only started for us in many ways and we are very lucky to share that journey with so many special people.” Said Susana Meza Graham, Executive VP of Publishing at Paradox Interactive.

The forums are part of the recently redesigned corporate website, which puts Paradox’s catalog in focus. In addition to the forums, the one-stop information hub includes links to email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for specific Paradox Interactive titles.

Become a part of the expanding Paradox Interactive community for yourself at and join the Paradox community on Facebook.

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