My Friendly Local Gaming Stores

Everyone has their favorite spots, for whatever the purpose. To continue off of my last post, I’d like to share my two favorite gaming stores, from the two cities where I’ve collectively spent nearly all my life.

Pandemonium Books and Games, Cambridge, MA

Pandemonium has the dubious honor of being the retailer that first sold me a D&D Player’s Guide, and also first sold me the main book for Cyberpunk 2020. Although they were in Harvard Square for most of my high school existence, they’ve since moved to Central Square in Cambridge, which has given them a larger space in which to set up tables and general play areas. In addition to their gaming space, Pandemonium also sells used books, particularly science fiction and fantasy.

One reason that I’d make the trip into Cambridge from my suburban home in high school was that the store had an unparalleled selection. As far as stores around the Boston area are concerned, Pandemonium is still one of the best, carrying the latest books from Wizards, White Wolf, Green Ronin and Mongoose as well as having a shelf devoted to local and Indie games, and a decent used selection mixed in with their others. What made Pandemonium stand apart when I was still living in the area was their events calendar, which, judging by the notices posted in the store when I visited last week, is still quite full. In short, a gamer travelling to Boston would do well by heading to Central Square and stopping by Pandemonium.

Phantom of the Attic, Pittsburgh, PA

Since starting my college experience at Carnegie Mellon five years ago, Phantom of the Attic has been my store. They’ve gotten a good chunk of my money, some of my old books, and even foisted some otherwise unsellable product onto me in the form of Cyberpunk CCG booster packs. And I keep finding reasons to go back, even if I have nothing to buy.

My favorite part of Pandemonium is the used selection. I am an unrepentant Cyberpunk 2020 fan, and they always have something for me to look at in that respect, even if the titles I want to buy don’t show up. They of course carry the latest titles too, which have allowed me to pick up a few GURPS books, Savage Worlds, and more recently, Eclipse Phase. Their trading policy is easy too, as I got my set of D&D 3.0 sourcebooks off my hand for a fair price, despite 3.0 probably being the least wanted edition of D&D out there. And because I spent my more attuned years of role playing there, I’ve spent more time interacting with their staff than at other stores. And whether the subject was about my old books, or when Cyberpunk 3.0 was coming out, they were always able to give me a hand. I swear Phantom of the Attic is the only gaming store in Pittsburgh, but that’s okay. They’re a pretty good one.

There has been some discussion on the previous thread regarding your game store experiences, please keep sharing! Game stores are part of our broader community, and word of mouth helps keep them alive.

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