Axe Cop is the best thing to happen to comics since sliced bread

A few days ago a huge, explosive event happened on the Internet.  Loud enough to cause social sites of every stripe to sit up and take notice.  Explody enough to almost trend on Twitter (an event a lot of folks are still working towards dammit).  That explosion has a name:  Axe Cop.

He’ll chop your head off.

If you’re late to the game and if you love comic books as I do, then I urge you – nay I demand that you go to the Axe Cop website and read this comic.  It’s awesome.

Axe Cop was the brain child of Ethan Nicolle (29) and his younger brother Malachai Nicolle (5).  It’s got two things going for it that most comics are lacking.

First, it has the imagination of a 5 year old powering the story.  I had a 5 year old last year, and I’ll have another next year.  They have  imaginations that most power-house fantasy authors can only dream about.  Anything can be real and when they’re allowed to explore their made up universe unfettered everything becomes possible.  Yes, the tend to niche these ideas  (dinosaurs for some, princesses for others) but that’s okay.  It’s a wonderful force, a 5 year old’s mind.

Second, there is an artist taking these ideas and bringing them to life through wonderfully unselfconscious characters.  Axe Cop is a bad ass. With an axe.  And lemon.  He doesn’t care that this idea is completely off the wall and would never work, he’s Axe Cop and obviously the idea does work.

All of those characters in other comics who secretly yearned for a powerful, magical unicorn horn to sprout from their heads and grant wishes – Wolverine I’m looking at you – they can realize their dreams here.

The expressions the characters have whilst being thrown at giant robots, or turning into Avocados are priceless.  Bad Santa and Sockerang’s gaining of the powers of Christmas literally had me crying I was laughing so hard.  The use of the onomatopoeia “stab” still has me chuckling to myself.

The elder Nicolle is a seasoned comic artist, who’s prior efforts are available through amazon in the form of the graphic novels Chumble Spuzz.  Hell you can even catch a trailer:

Also check out the Comics Alliance for a great interview with both elder and younger Nicolle.  Also while you’re at it, you can get yourself an official Axe Cop T-Shirt or two. I know I’ll be getting mine!

Whatever you do, certainly give it a read.  It’s well worth your time.

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