PSP Minis

I dusted off my PSP recently and decided to have a play around with the new Mini games being offered on Playstation Store.

These ‘minis’ seem to be versions of generally older/arcade  style games and offer an cheap way to replay your old favourites in new forms. I downloaded Tetris (naturally), DynoGems and BreakQuest with my remaining credit at the Store (NB reminder to get one of those PSN card from Gamestation next time I am in town). I don’t know about you readers but I always found that I used my PSP to play short bursts of games rather than complicated RPGs etc. Therefore these Minis seem to be ideal for resurrecting my neglected PSP.

I started off with Tetris. This was the first game I ever got on a handheld console – the good old GameBoy Colour. I probably still have the cartridge somewhere but no longer have anything to play it on. It was a massive time waster and I would have to stop playing late at night as I found myself dropping blocks together in my head as I tried to sleep. Once I had turned off the ‘ghost’ on the PSP Minis version (which was annoying me) I got on quite well but I missed the original music so turned the volume to a near whisper. Strangely, I couldn’t play it well without music at all. So far I have played the straight marathon game and am improving. I foresee many hours of fitting blocks together in my future.

For a bit of relief I tried out DynoGems. I wasn’t sure what this was but bought it anyway. You are the creature at the bottom of the screen and pull up to three of the (same coloured) descending pile of blocks towards you and then push them back to make a group of at least four of the same colour which then vanish in a burst of flame. A variation on things like PuzzleBobble etc and quite enjoyable.

Next came BreakQuest. This was described as a brick-breaker game and I was looking forward to testing it out and I selected the ‘easy’ level coz I am a wuss. Unfortunately this was not enough. The first level consisted of a black and white section of bricks with two smaller bars below them. I wondered what they were and soon found out. They pivoted in the middle so when hit with the missile they turned and knocked the missile off onto a different trajectory. Very infuriating! The little minion at the bottom didn’t seem to move fast enough and I kept losing my missiles. Doubly infuriating. It could be I just ain’t very good at it but I have played BrickBreaker games before and done quite well.

Overall, I love the idea of these little Minis. They’re reasonably priced (£2.49 – £3.49 as far as I could see) and you can pick and choose the ones you like. The only negative is that, like so many downloadable games on PSN Store, you cannot try before you buy. I would not have bought BreakQuest had I tried it first.

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