Reason Number 426 I hate EA

So I discovered something rather ludicrous yesterday.  I was in the process of loading up Dragon Age: Origins on my Xbox when, as it always does when it first loads, it tries to contact Bioware’s site for the online tracking of my character. (Something like bragging rights I have not had any interest in actually looking at) Then it goes to check for downloadable content, suddenly stopping and giving me an error message that my downloads have become corrupted and will not work, and must be downloaded again.  The thing is, there is nothing wrong with the DLC.  What was wrong was my connection to Xbox Live, which had failed due to a hiccup in the DSL service.  So it turns out that EA (I doubt this is Bioware’s doing, as they never did anything similar with their games before EA bought them) is so paranoid, so chained to oppressive DRM, that they have basically made playing Dragon Age without a connection to their servers for verification impossible.  Granted, you can play without any DLC, but they also included free stuff in every new copy sold, so practically everyone will have some of the DLCs.  Not to mention the fact that the two big ones, Stone Prisoner and Warden’s Keep, are very well done and act practically as part of the original game.  I mean, if Dragon Age was an online multiplayer game I wouldn’t be so angry about this.  I have no problem with say, Turbine maintaining my Lord of the Rings Online characters for me and requiring me to log on to play, but that’s not a hardship.  You have to be online to play; it’s simply the nature of the game.  Dragon Age is not multiplayer at all.  I think that hiding this behind checking for (ostensibly new) DLC and saying that it is corrupted, not that it can’t verify I am not some swarthy pirate, is insulting.  Grow a pair EA.  If you are going to be draconian with us, do it to our faces.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better if is senses you have no connection to the internet it doesn’t fuss at all. At least on the PC. My wife and I play at the same time by having one or the other turn off our internet. And the error I’ve seen is not that the DLC is corrupt but that it wasn’t able to verify it.

    Sadly, there are a lot of problems with the save games being corrupted and the DLC breaking. So watch out for that. I know I kept having all my DLC content disappear occasionally when I’d load that game and it turned out to be a major problem for other characters. On Xbox my understanding is there even was an error that would corrupt all your save files.


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