Star Trek XI on Blu-ray

Due to ordering in advance from I happily opened the door to my postie Saturday morning as he was delivering my copy of Star Trek XI (two days before official UK release).

Now, when I saw the movie at the cinema I was totally blown away and wanted to go see it again – unfortunately time was against me so I never got the chance. So now, even though I was excited to at last have my own blu-ray of the movie, I was a bit worried that I might be expecting too much.

Glad to say I wasn’t.

I sat down with my daughter last night and watched and enjoyed and laughed. My son came in after we’d finished and I am not kidding I would have watched it again if he’d wanted. He didn’t so I started on the extras.

BD Live (disc 1) was a little concerning and a little disappointing – although I didn’t really have much time to look around. Concern was because you have to sign up to watch it and they collect all kinds of data about you and the machine you’re watching it on. I signed up anyway but it just seemed to be NASA updates in there. Maybe there’ll be more at a later date??

Disc 2 was far more entertaining. Most (if not all) was in HD and there were interviews, gag-reels, commentary, stuff on the great GR and much more about behind the scenes. I haven’t managed to watch all of it yet but I did enjoy what I have watched so far.It was interesting to see the deleted scenes and discover how much was actually removed from the final cut; the commentary explained a lot and I must say, as a writer, I can see why many bits were removed – they would have slowed the film down and were, in the end, unnecessary to the plot.

My copy came with a third disc digital copy to download to iTunes or Windows Media. Nice idea but pretty tying to certain devices. I need to get the film onto my BlackBerry Storm – any suggestions? What would have been nice (and I have seen it on some Disney releases) would be a regular DVD copy included so my kids could watch it in their own rooms rather than taking up time on my PS3 when I could be in the Wastelands.

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