What?  Another Wasteland?  Another Vault you say?  Sweet another Fallout! Oh wait whats that, its not another Fallout game?  What the heck is it then?

Ahhh Borderlands Its only been out for a short while but in the end I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  This game is an Action RPG.  What makes this game an Action RPG?  Well in this game when you shoot something little numbers pop up when you do damage to a creature.  The part that makes it an action game is that the controls are all based on how you would plbrdlnd-20091110-230524ay a shooter.

If you’ve ever seen me broadcast any FPS games you’d get a nice visual of me stumbling around lost.  I love to run into things, get stuck on things and back myself into walls.  But because I suck at shooter does not make me shy away from them.  Actually In Battlefield Heroes I think I’m quite good.

Borderlands is pretty tough, I’ve seen people run out of bullets in the first battle only to die and I had to revive them.  The toughest part about the game is managing your loot.  If your weapons and shields are not up to par with where your at in the game, things are gonna get really tough.

Yes I said that I was fighting with other players.  This is a Multi player game which you can play co-op with up to 4 people.  With the 2 or 3 games that I played in co-op mode I can tell you that the action gets pretty crazy when you hit more than 2 people.  I was playing solo and went into an area and it was pretty calm.  But the same area with multi player was tough with some crazy monsters I had never seen before.

You can drive vehicles with this game and each vehicle can hold up to 2 people, one driver and one gunner.  It can be pretty fun with 2 vehicles going around slaughtering monsters.  I especially love to drive over them, who doesn’t like roadkill?brdlnd-20091110-225928

I can’t emphasize enough about how much I love the loot system.  I see one of the red cases that I know has guns in it and I get all tinglie inside.  It does help that when you find a case of weapons your character talks.

I’ve been having a blast with this game and suggest it to everyone who asks me about it.

So grab a gun, jump on the bus to Pandora and get ready to duke it out with some ugly skags.

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