Modern Warfare 2 – first play

Thanks to the strikes by Royal Mail Game decided to ensure all their pre-order customers had their copy of COD: Modern Warfare 2 in time for release – for us that meant it arrived around 1.30pm this afternoon.

Unfortunately I couldn’t open it as my son had bought the game ­čśŽ

Here are his first impressions and initial gameplay  **kinda spoiler alert**

Firing up the disc and through the first hours of play I was impressed by the graphics – much improved and lots of scenic backgrounds. There is more realism in things like blood spatter and grenade drops too. Plus, even playing at Veteran level I found the game even more challenging than COD4.

You start off as a private training what were termed in COD4 as FNGs – shooting at targets, grenade launching and so on. Running through the training course as fast and as accurately as you can you fire at the enemies and (try to) avoid the civilians. At this stage you are also introduced to melee attacks and tactics – for instance it is quicker to switch to your second pistol rather than reload.

Depending on speed and performance, at the end of the training section you are given a suggested level – mine was Veteran! Once that’s decided you are thrown straight into the battlefield – hiding behind cover and firing on enemies. Advancing in a HumVee you move through the area and its buildings before arriving at a school riddled with enemy combatants. These all need to be cleared out in order for you to complete the mission and save the allied squad.

At this point you are then approached and picked for a special commando team ‘Task 141’ and you become a different character (as in COD4) and you take on a branch mission ‘Cliffhanger’. As you can imagine this involves traversing cliffs and using ice picks.

So that’s it folks – off to complete another mission.

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