Champions are you ready?

I’ve been wanting to check out this game since it came out last month.  I unfortunately did not have the resources to get the game, so Ben the creator of “Troll in the corner” graciously stepped in.

When I first started the game I was presented with a download like most MMO’s.  It was 700mb and downloaded rather quickly.  Every day after that I have had to download a 150mb patch.  Now I don’t think this is really a “Normal” thing, I think its just because I just happened to start playing the game near Halloween.  They are running events, adding new content and likely patching their patches, so its OK.

When you create your character you are given a ton of choices.  The first choice you are given is which power set you want to choose.
I would say that the character creation is standard but its anything but that, as you can see from the picture (Left) there are a good number of powers to choose from.  The best part is they give you the option to mix and choose between powers which is selected in the picture.  Next they give you the option to pick your gender and change your face. They present you with a series of pre set options as well as a custom setting.  Inside of the custom settings there are a ton of sliders for just about every feature of the face, so that you can truly make your face unique.  Next the selection of your body type.  You are also given a few main body types to select from as well as a custom settings with sliders.
The next major part is the costume or clothing.  This is the most detailed part of the character creation process.  It is quite similar to the City of Hero’s / Villians costume creation but there are some area’s where its more in depth.  There are not as many options as there are in CoX but I blame that on the fact that the game is still pretty new.  You can create an interesting array of characters, robots, beasts, aliens, undead or just a snazzy looking human.  What really stood out are the extra color options, you can touch up on all the little nicks and cranny’s in your outfit.

champo-20091030-001749The only problem I find with these huge character creation games is the amount of time it takes to create your character.  I guess showing it off later is the real prize.

The game starts off with a tutorial, you are in Millenium City which is being attacked by aliens.

A crash from across the street alerts me as I am drinking my morning cup of tea.  I quietly excuse myself to the lady’s room, slip on my goggles, dawn my suit as I like to call it and squeeze out of the bathroom window.  Just down the street I see the police talking to champions.  I make my way to the broken building and and officer pulls me to the side.  This is where my story begins.

Next I’ll start going into game mechanics and what I like and don’t like about how they work.

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  1. Very nicely done. But I’d have to point out that in the long run from what I’ve seen, CO does have more options to tweak in detail to the toons overall look. I’ve been a huge CoX fan for a while, and I can honestly say that CO is well over in details to add.

    Can’t wait to read more!


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