EyePet for the PS3

My new pet arrived in the post Saturday morning and I spent a couple of hours hatching and playing with it Saturday evening.

It’s an exciting concept and makes use of the Playstation Eye camera accessory for the PS3. I already had a camera (bought with Eye of Judgement) so got the solo game for £17.99. The full package is around £35 from what I can see in the shops.

The initial set up is easy but you do have to have the right lighting and place the camera at the right height and position for it to work properly. By electric light the images (of you) are a bit grainy but look better in natural daylight.

First off is the hatching which doubles as a training session to get you used to how everything operates and how you should move you hands etc. At this point you also get to name your Pet – mine’s called Cookie because I’d had Hot Cookie Dough dessert at Pizza Hut earlier in the day 🙂 There’s a friendly scientist who gives you instructions and encouragement through the different stages. You’re also introduced to the Magic Eye board which enables you to use virtual implements such as hairdryers. Once the egg has been warmed and rocked it hatches out into a cute little monkey type creature (side note – will there be other creature options at a later date?).

The controls can be a little difficult to get used to and sometimes you can get very frustrated because your creature will not do as it’s told. I don’t think a young child would be able to do this totally on their own at first. However, once  you get the hang of it you find yourself playing with and loving your new pet.

There’s levels you have to achieve before others are unlocked – this is to ensure you know what you’re doing I guess. You have to regularly scan your pet to make sure it’s well-fed and well-exercised plus you have to see to it’s creative side by encouraging it in creative activities such as drawing. Of course, my daughter’s pet is already far in advance of mine as she has spent more time with it. While I was doing the housework this morning I could hear her laughing at her pet’s antics.

It’s a different game from many PS3 titles; more on a par with the DS’s pet games but more physically interactive and loads more possibilities. You can customise your pet – mine has purple and black feathers – and also dress it in clothing and accessories that you either unlock  as you spend time with your Pet or purchase from the Store. I can see me spending some time with Cookie. Worth the £17.99, I was glad to see it was sensibly priced to be honest.

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