Xfire Inspire?

So I’ve been hiding out for most of this week and I have to say its been because of the IM, Chat and Broadcasting program Xfire.  Deep in the recesses of my cave of gaming, I was stuck playing all of my games over again.  Why would someone who doesn’t play games through games more than once be playing her games again?

Xfire is the reason.  Xfire has made the ultimate replayability tool.  I used to use Xfire a long time ago and its was pretty nice seeing what others are playing and joining in with them, but it’s changed a lot since then.

Did you notice in the list of describing some of the things that Xfire does as “Broadcasting”?  Whats Broadcasting?  Well broadcasting allows you to play your games like normal but you can broadcast live to the world the game your playing as well as interact with your audience through a chat overlay.  I don’t mean broadcasting as in it just tells everyone what your doing, no no this actually shows a person your screen.  This is brilliant, I don’t know if any of you ever wanted to see a live battle in an online game or maybe see someone play one of your favorites and compare what they do compared to what you did.  Either way its very inspiring.

I’ve been posting when ever I start playing on twitter so head on over and check it out!  As far as I know there’s nothing to download to watch someone play besides flash.

The most popular game so far seems to be WoW.  It seems online arena battles are all the rage.  I on the other hand have been broadcasting Aion and have had a lot of people come in and check it out.

You can find my profile and Live Broadcasting page in these links.  I also am leaving a link for the main page where people broadcast.

I hope to see you guys there.

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