University of Florida puts in place a plan for responding to an undead attack on their campus

To those who scoff at the idea of a corpse suddenly reanimating with a sharp urge to eat those of us staring at it with horror (or grabbing our sharpened shovels) the University of Florida has quietly prepared a specific plan to deal with the impending undead threat.

Click to enlarge

The plan includes symptoms to look for, appropriate responses and a form to fill out in the event you must put down a former colleague do to their zombification.

While the document has been pulled from the official U of F site, our crack team of investigators here at TC managed to obtain the ultra-secret response document.  You can see the PDF right here.

I find it troubling that plans to respond to an undead invasion are being created at high levels, including our universities and government offices while the general public remains in the dark about such things.  Someone contact Michael Moore and tell him to fire up his cameras.

As for me, I’d just like to encourage you all to remember that handguns are effective at short ranges but shovels never need to be reloaded.

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