To Prototype or not to Prototype?

When I started playing this game I was expecting some sort of twisted shooter. I was surprised to see that the game was a Sandbox game, like GTA or the superhero games that have been coming out.

The game starts out with you running through the streets ultra decked out with a ton of skills and running from the police. After a short while you do a devastating move and pretty much slaughter everything around you. This is when the game breaks away and starts telling the story.

You are Alex Mercer and you wake up in a morgue with no idea who you are or why your being chased. One of the first things that you learn is that you have the ability to transform into any person that you consume. Along with absorbing the person you gain their memory’s.armor

With this game driving cars is really not an option unless its a tank. Thankfully the “Lock on” targeting system makes the game pretty easy to keep track of your enemy. Traveling in this game is I have to say quite fun. It reminds me of Aion’s glide system, which is pretty much run jump off of a really high place and glide. You can also do a Super Jump sort of like the hulk. There are other things like an air dash where you can reset your glide so you can travel further.

A lot of the game is geared towards fighting. There are all sorts of different ways to destroy baddies. I have to say my Favorite way has to be by “Consuming” your enemies. You do on the other hand have to weaken most of the bigger enemies first before you can consume them. There are a few choice weapons that I really like to use for a quick way to beat the monsters down. One of my favorite weapons has to be with the claws. You can transform your hands into claws and slice monsters up into bits (quite literally). There’s also a great move with the claws where you stuff your hand into the dirt and cause huge spikes to come out from underneath your target.spikes

Of of the great things about the story though is that through a lot of it you need to find just regular humans and consume them to grab their memories. This adds their memory to what the game calls the “Web of Intrigue”. Pretty much the web is just a linking of all the the memories that you have consumed. Just a way to play back any of the memories you have received.

One fun thing is to play the mini games. They are pretty standard mini games like racing, see how many enemies you can destroy in the allotted time and also an infected vs cops one where you need to keep the cops alive. I found them fun and engaging.flying

I’ve been a pretty big fan of sandbox games for a while so I got a bit addicted to the game rather quickly. After around a week and a half I completed the game by playing a few hours here and there. I have to admit I spent a lot of my time not even messing with the main storyline and just causing havoc around the city (standard Sandbox fun). There’s just something fun about running up to a citizen and just kicking them to see them fly across the screen, much like team rocket from Pokemon. (Yeah I went there)

I have to say that this is a pretty good game and I enjoyed playing it. If you like any of the Super hero type sandbox games you’ll love this one too.
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