Barricade the doors, gather supplies and remember, you don’t have to reload a shovel. Fort Zombie is coming.

There you are, minding your own business in Piety, Indiana when the unthinkable happens!  Or to us zombie enthusiasts, it’s really more of the thinkable but highly improbable happening. The zombie apocalypse!  Grab your goods, find a good place to hole up and see if you can make it for a day . . . a week . . . who knows how long?  In Fort Zombie from Paradox Interactive, you’ll be able to find out.

Fort Zombie. In Fort Zombie, players will find themselves in Piety, Indiana, a small town facing a horrifying infestation of zombies with a relentless thirst for blood. Survival is only possible through finding refuge in a single, abandoned building.

Players must focus their efforts on building up this structure, finding and training survivors, and venturing out into town to look for supplies. Of course, all of this must be achieved while combating the gruesome undead, who will stop at nothing to make you part of their company.

• Take control of a single building in town as you prepare for total zombie infestation
• Gather supplies and find survivors by day, defend your building by night
• Players can engage in specific single missions within the campaign and spend hours building up the ultimate fortress
• Unique character building and reward system – each day brings new missions, each with different potential rewards. How you utilize and level up your survivors will greatly affect your chances of avoiding an ultimate zombie demise

Be prepared for the fight of your lives in Fort Zombie, available this autumn for your PC through all major digital distribution channels.  Check out more from the Fort Zombie site.

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