Stardock releases Impluse Phase IV. Stardock + Phase makes me think of Star Trek.

My favorite software company has just announced their latest foray into content delivery systems via the internet.  Or how to get games and stuff online.  Impulse Phase IV!  I wish they had given them cool code names like “Set phasers for stun” or “dammit Jim I’m a doctor not a software delivery system!”  Who knows, maybe they did.  Here’s the complete story.

Software developer Stardock ( revealed the fourth phase of its popular digital download platform, Impulse, today (

Impulse enables users to quickly purchase, download, install and update any of thousands of available games, applications, and utilities to their machine. Once purchased, the program becomes associated with their account. If a user purchases a new PC or reformats an existing PC, a user can install Impulse, log in with their account and instantly re-download all their programs.

In the year since its initial release, Impulse has garnered widespread support from major game and application publishers. Most new PC games, for example, are now released on Impulse and a growing number of application developers are releasing their titles on Impulse as well.

“The objective of Impulse is to make it so that your software truly belongs to you,” said Brad Wardell, president & CEO of Stardock. “Anyone who has ever dug through boxes of CDs or looked through old emails to find a serial number can recognize the advantages of Impulse.”

Impulse Phase IV is part of the ongoing series of major feature updates for the growing digital distribution platform. The new client presents a more streamlined experience for managing installed programs, has a much faster, easier to use store, and continues to improve on its unbeatable download speeds to customers.

In addition, PC gamers will soon be able to make use of a new Impulse feature called “Ready to Play”, a revolutionary new free program that allows users to create instant virtual communities based on profiles in order to quickly get multiplayer games going with like-minded people.

“Imagine or eHarmony for PC gamers where users enter in their gaming preferences and some profile data and with that data, Ready to Play can recommend other gamers with similar gaming preferences. My idea of what is ‘fun’ in an online game is probably different from that of say a teenager,” said Wardell. “With Ready to Play, now you can quickly get games going with ‘recommended’ friends.”

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