Flan Pan – the mightiest two syllable combination in the English language.

I just happened to side-glance a Flan Pan on Amazon and now I can’t get this word combo out of my head.  I want you to take a moment and just say this out loud.  Flan Pan.

Flan Pan!  What an awesome thing to say.  It just rolls right off the tongue, past the lips and into the waiting ears of anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near me as I chant “Flan Pan”.

I need to start a cult, obtain a tax-free status and just do something with these two words.  I even went so far as to see if flanpan.com was registered.  (It is – and selling for the unlikely price of $1,849 – a testament to the power of its power.  Er.)  This two words are possibly the only two words, when used in this combination, actually worthy of a blink tag in HTML.   I’m tempted to adopt two muts and name them Flan and Pan.  It’s a damned good thing I’m not expecting any more children in my life because those kids would have a serious problem come 3rd grade or so.

I can’t really explain how much this made my day.  Everyone needs to be randomly flanpanned at least once in their lives and today, today it was my day.

Thank you might Flan, you cream caramel concoction.  I don’t really like how you taste all that much but for giving me ‘Flan Pan’ I will now dedicate my life to eating at least one flan per annum.  My Flaannum pledge if you will.  I’ll be flanned if I don’t keep up with my vow!  If you feel even remotely the same about these wonderful words, I highly encourage you to head to Twitter and throw this in a tweet:  @trollitc we love #flanpan

If I get enough tweets, I’ll incorporate as a 403(c) organization based around the cult of Flan Pan and through sales of the mighty cooking instrument, finance PS3 Slims for every member.

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