The Dead Gentlemen Live! Check out their new web presence

Like role playing games?  Humor?  Movies?  Critical fumbles?  We’ve talked a lot about and with various folks from the Dead Gentlemen.  They’re not dead and they’re not all gentlemen and they’ve been getting their new site ready for launch.  Today it has sprung fully formed on to the Internet!

Very slick looking too.

Be sure to check them out.  They’re the people responsible for Gamers, Gamers: Dorkness Rising and Demon Hunters to name a few.  They’ve also got a brand new web series coming out in September.

If you like any of those things I mentioned above, you really owe it to yourself to get a copy of Gamers and Gamers: Dorkness Rising at the very least.  Demon Hunters kicks ass too.  Hell, just buy the whole catalog, put it on your netflix queue or grab them from Amazon.

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You’re going to backstab him with a ballista?

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