Lords Online is a MMOSLG, whatever the hell that means

Yes folks, the next generation of mold breaking MMOs are on their way, parading out of their development studios and on to a computer near you!  What the heck is an MMOSLG?  I see it as massive multiplayer online slog but maybe it’s just the original Everquest speaking through my fingers.  Massive Multiplayer Online Simulate Life Game.   From the screen shots, it appears to be something of a cross between the original Diablo’s graphics and Sim City circa 1263.   Hopefully the game play is worth it.

Here’s an idea for a MMO that has yet to be done.  Call it the Body Fantastic.  It takes place inside the human body where players can be on the ‘good’ side (red blood cells, etc) or the bad side (Swine Flu Faction, etc.) and they get to duke it out in tiny, 3D battles.  Well, on to IGG’s press release.

As IGG prepares to unveil their latest title, Lords Online, they’re giving players a first time peek at the brand new game logo and some never-before-seen screenshots.

Breaking the typical MMO mold, the new game incorporates an SLG style. Set amidst an elaborate medieval-style land in constant conflict, Lords Online features high a degree of freedom in gameplay choices, encouraging creative battle tactics and kingdom management. Players are tasked with guiding the development of their kingdom toward a prosperous future, either as a feared military power or an influential trade empire.

The game provides two map modes for players to choose from: Lord mode and Hero mode. Those who love the detached SLG style can use Lord mode and focus their attention on city development and arms coordination, while those who prefer RPGs can choose Hero mode and experience epic adventures. Lords Online encompasses a variety of types of heroes and battles, providing far more choices for players. Whether the heroes are excellent at managing city or leading armies, each can directly influence the development of the kingdom.

IGG is now working hard to ensure the Alpha Test is ready soon, so stay tuned to the official Lords Online forum at http://forum.lo.igg.com for the latest news and sneak peeks.

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