Stories of the Capital Wasteland

I’d been a good boy. I did what I had thought that my Dad would have thought was right. I’m a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, I keep the Capital Wasteland safe. But I’ve gotten bored. There are only so many things to do here, and I think I’ve done it all.

Sure I’ve traveled. I’ve been to The Pitt, Point Lookout, Andrews Air Force Base, and even Anchorage, Alaska (if in simulation only). I’m just so bored with this place. There’s nothing left for me to do. How many boxes of Sugar Bombs are in this place? I haven’t seen a full, sealed bottle of Nuka Cola in weeks. The Enclave was a challenge for a few days, but they’re gone now. Telling President Eden to shut down was a bad idea in hindsight. I hang out around my apartment in Megaton and nothing happens. Three Dog keeps talking about all the things I’ve done. It’s over now. Is there more to life than this? Running old batteries to a hag in the swamp to make moonshine? Keeping Old Olney clear of deathclaws? This is my life.

I run across a raider or two every now and again. It’s tiresome. The sporadic albino radscorpion is a temporary diversion, and I can always cash in the fingers of evildoers for some quick caps. The National Mall is silent now, a Super Mutant appears every now and again. I half heartedly kill them with the Perforator, a weapon I picked up in The Pitt.

It’s unnervingly quiet now. Reilly doesn’t even need me anymore since I’ve found everything that needs to be noted in the Capital Wasteland. Sure, the BoS still needs me to find parts to rebuild Liberty Prime, but they should be able to do that themselves as well! I’ve tried to tell them about this starship that I went to that’s in orbit, I’ve also tried to hand over the guns I picked up there, but the Quartermaster doesn’t seem to care. The Outcasts on the other hand, are very receptive, but they don’t how to make a deal to save their lives, which is teetering precariously these days, but they wouldn’t know it.

I’m longing for the days of the Enclave, when I didn’t know when Dad was alive or dead, when Rivet City was a haven and not that place I walk past hunting for Super Mutants. I really miss those days!

I’m sick of the fact that the most amusing thing I can think of right now is dropping mini nukes off the top of the Washington Monument, even though I can’t catch most of the blast.

I think it’s time to head out. I’ve seen the maps in the brotherhood archives. I think me and Dogmeat are going head out to New Vegas. I’m sick of this wasteland for now.

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