Mount & Blade Warband has a new trailer – still mounted and bladed thankfully.

I’m a huge fan of the independently developed and wonderfully fun Mount & Blade game.  I’m interested in what the future holds for this title with it’s new multi-player Warband.  Updated graphics are nice but will the spirit of the game come through when it’s up to 63 of your not-so-close friends tromping around on horses with lances?  Only time will tell.  Here though is the newest trailer to slake your thirst for virtual simulated psuedo-medieval warfare.


Mount & Blade Warband s geared to raise the level of intensity of the original Mount & Blade, incorporating a brand new multiplayer feature that enables up to 64 players to fight for glory on a single map in team deathmatch style battles. Seasoned veterans and newcomers alike will find much to love as they command scores of hardened warriors through lands ravaged by constant raids and skirmishes. Mount & Blade Warband also improves on many aspects of the orignal game that introduced the world to groundbreaking horseback combat, intuitive swordplay, and a free-form environment.

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