Hellion’s first two actual in game screenshots shot, screened.

We’ve talked about Hellion before – the game in which features a lot of hell and surprisingly few ions.   Hellion: Mysteries of the Inquisition places us in the shoes of Godric on a trip to battle heretics, do the odd excorcism and generally make life for demons Hell on Earth.

A horrible incidence in his younger days decide “Godric” to become a master of sword fighting. Full of grief and aware of omnipresent injustice he left his homeland to revenge the past. On his journey across Europe, “Godric” joined the Dominicans, dedicated to the Pope, preaching and converting the non-believers. The Dominicans decided to reveal their arcane to “Godric”, including their knowledge of the supernatural and their ways of resisting both spiritual and incarnate evil. “Godric” gained knowledge of exorcism and together with his will to accomplish his fate he became a very unique knight.

There you go folks, the first two official Hellion screen shots.  You can now proceed about your day as normal.

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