You know you are a gaming geek if . . .

Yeah, if you’re a gaming geek you probably know it but just in case, here’s a handy list to check yourself against.   If you can nod your head at more than 5 of these things, you can consider yourself a card carrying, died in the wool, cliche spouting gaming geek.

  • WASD isn’t just a strange sounding word.
  • Should the zombie apocalypse happen, you would know exactly what to do to better your chances of survival.
  • You have ever spent 45 minutes arguing over the price of chain mail with a Dwarf while you’re friends stock up on lamp oil and rope, just in case.
  • You grok this post, could grep a file and don’t have to check yourself when typing fsck.
  • You have a closet, book case or entire room dedicated to just your games.
  • You’ve ever heard yourself say in an argument “Well realistically, you’d not be able to get two spells off that quickly!”
  • Your ideal vacation would include stops to Groom Lake, Nevada, the Scottish Highlands, Bletchly Park and the Google campus while geocaching in between.
  • You know there is a ballad to Bilbo Baggins and you know who originally recorded it.
  • You can quote the rules on movement while encumbered, most Monty Python films and Asimov’s 3 rules but not the Constitution of the United States.
  • You don’t have to stop and think about the theoretical question “If you could pick any super power, what would it be?”  You know which power, how you would haved aquired it, your weaknesses, your arch-rival and what your costume would look like.
  • You own 5 pounds of dice but don’t know how to play craps.
  • You don’t like eating in medieval themed restaurants because they are so inauthentic.
  • You experienced real anxiety and possibly lost sleep wondering if the Star Trek reboot would be any good, then felt vindicated when it was.
  • You’ve ever heard a sound that caused you to react in real life as you would have in a video game.
  • Your parents have ever told you and all of your closest friends to keep it down because it was two in the morning and you’re party finally recovered the Sacred Tome of Rofglar.
  • You long for the day when X-men style mutants exist and are among us, preferably with you as one of them.
  • You’ve ever lost experience because of a stupid joke you made.
  • You were expecting more Star Trek references in this list.

Photo CC Licensed to Criss.

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2 thoughts on “You know you are a gaming geek if . . .

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  1. I can totally relate on the dice thing. I have acquired what I consider a ridiculous amount of polyhedral dice over the years, and yet I don’t know any traditional dice games.


  2. Ha! I have probably a metric ton of dice . . . somewhere. At least 2 Crown Royal bags worth anyway. I haven’t seen them in the last several years though.


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