Call of Duty Price a Rip-off?

I found this little nugget of info on the BBC website. Apparently the new COD will be priced at £55 in the UK instead of the usual £45.

On one hand I can understand – games are expensive to develop and this one is eagerly anticipated so why shouldn’t the creators try and get a decent amount of money from it.


I know my teenage son is saving for about 3 games that are due out at around the same time. He has calculated he will just have enough to buy them. However, if COD is going to be more expensive then he won’t have the full budget. It’s going to be a disappointment for him.

What do you think? Is the new COD game over-priced or, worth the money?

One thought on “Call of Duty Price a Rip-off?

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  1. I’m a US gamer – and I’m frequently put off by game prices in general. As our tech guru often states – $25 is an impulse buy, $50 is an investment. I’ve found with many games, that investment almost never returns.

    What would I consider a good return on a game? An hour of enjoyable game play for ever dollar I spent.

    Mount & Blade – 75+ hours for $30. Spore – ~10 hours for $50.


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