Still not as bad as the Star Wars Holiday Special

I apologize in advance to all the Star Wars fans out there.  I felt the world become smaller somehow when I saw this.  That said, not only does misery love company, but I think it good for the uber-fans to be able to admit that their chosen object of devotion is not in fact perfect.  A special thank you to the Spoony One of the Spoony Experiment for finding the full video (the one we had was only Vader) and inflicting it on his audience.


Speaking oft the Spoony One, his blog is fraking hilarious.  For those of you unfamiliar with the site, its motto is “Because bad movies and games deserve to be hurt back.” Noah Antwiler (The titular Spoony One) specifically looks for bad movies and video games to review and criticize mercilessly, in a style similar to the beloved Mystery Science Theater 3000. (He even has his own robot named Burton in tribute to Crow and Tom Servo)  My personal favorites are his reviews of “Yor: Hunter from the Future” and a multi-part bash fest on every aspect of FF VIII, not to mention the series on the horrid FMV games. (Think of them of games based on chose you own adventure books using the early full motion video technology used in games like Resident Evil 2 or the first Command and Conquer for cut-scenes)

I will add though that this is not a site for youngsters, as Noah has no problems swearing up a storm in frustration and anger as he slogs through painful games for our amusement.

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