Today I was the luckiest fool in the world

Seriously, I just dodged a bullet of ridiculous proportions.  In addition to my lovely job here, and my normal job at the local library, I have various duties related to my church.  I am one of the secretaries for my bishop, in addition to being general historian. (For my local congregation only mind you)  This actually is a fairly important job, as we consider record keeping a vital and sacred responsibility.  Among of tenants is one saying we will be judged, among other things, by what is written.  Of course we also believe there are perfect records of everything kept in heaven, so human error won’t be a factor, not that it means we can slack off on our end of the book keeping. Today was the normal weekly meeting for the Bishop, his councilors, the clerks, and the secretaries, to go over changes in assignments, upcoming activities, ways to help the members, and so on.  Since this is a congregation for unmarried college students there is a lot of turnover, especially during the summer months between semesters.  As my laptop is currently tethered to its AC adapter (the battery crapped out and I haven’t had the cash to replace it yet) I use the Bishop’s laptop to take notes on, storing all the information on a standard 1GB flash drive my father acquired somewhere for like ten bucks.  The meeting itself was nothing out of the ordinary, a few changes here, a look back into past meeting notes for a phone number here, plus a look at the new members pictures.  (I also am responsible for having pictures for the members, to help the bishop keep straight all the faces and names, very useful with the large number of move ins and move outs each month, stored in digital form on my flash drive as well as in magnet form on the white board in his office)

Anyway, I got home and started on my laundry.  Yeah, I’m sure some of you can guess where this is going.  Somehow when emptying my pockets into my hat (a very nice black fedora btw) I missed the drive, and it ended up in the wash, a fact I did not discover until I was putting the load into the dryer.  Since I haven’t backed up the drive onto my desktop for at least a month, I started panicking.  I gave it time for any lingering moisture to evaporate, then tried it on my laptop.  For about five seconds I thought it was still working… until the little bubble popped up on my desktop telling me that my computer did not recognize the usb device just connected.  Even forgetting about the meeting notes from the past month, this was a disaster.  I need to have an updated picture directory printed by this coming Sunday, an updating process that normally takes two to three hours a week (I’ve made some progress in making it more efficent, but it is still slow going)  I was looking at a good five hour job to update the version from a month and a half ago, even assuming I could locate all the neccessary pictures. (Not likely)

So I took a break, logged onto Lord of the Rings Online, and killed a few hundred orcs to blow off some steam.  I tried it then on my primary desktop, but still no joy.  I figured at this point, it’s toast anyway, so why not try prying the outer case off to check the circuit board directly?  I did so, catching a very small bit of moisture on the interior surface, then tried it again.  Hallelujah, it worked.  Not wanting to push things I immediately transferred the entire contents of the drive onto my desktop, and then to a second location, just to silence my inner paranoia.  So thank you, Kingston, for making even your cheap flash drives good enough to withstand a trip through the washing machine.  (I am not, however, discounting divine intervention as a possibility)

Oh, and in case you were wondering (you probably were not) the picture at the top of this blog is the actual type of flash drive I use.  I found it somewhat interesting that it came up practically on top of the list when I typed 1GB flash drive into

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4 thoughts on “Today I was the luckiest fool in the world

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  1. This has happened to me once or twice as I keep various USB keys around for different uses. I’m clumsy.

    The best tip I got is to toss the USB drive into a opened bag of uncooked rice for at least a day. It sucks up all the moisture. Make sure the cap is on, as so prevent any dust getting in there.


  2. I have a little 128 thumb drive. It’s about 4 years old now. Two winters ago it slipped off of it’s little lanyard and vanished into the snow near my car.

    About 2 months later, I found it sticking out of the side of a snowbank that had been pushed up by a plow. Other than a few traces of rust, it worked fine!


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