Tex: Vampire Hunter has guns, vampires and corsets

Over the past month I’ve had a chance to look at a number of forthcoming (and one released) independent films with SciFi, fantasy or horror themes to them.  I’m not entirely sure how this came about but I’m damned glad it did because I’m getting a glimpse into a fascinating world and getting to talk to some cool people.

Now we can add “western” to that list of themes above.  Of course, in keeping with the site and the awesomeness that comes with things that go bump in the night, this has vampires in it as well!


Welcome to Tex: Vampire Hunter or Make Thick My Blood: A Tragedy in One Act, a forthcoming film directed by Lautaro Gabriel Gonda which spins itself out thus:

Tex is a gunslinger in the old west who has dedicated his life to hunting down and killing vampires. His travels bring him to a brothel used by vampires as a front to lure their victims. This evil bordello also happens to be run by his ex-lover, a beautiful vampire named Elisabeta. Tex is haunted by his past, but will he be able to discover the dark secret that binds him to his prey, or will his righteous rage blind him?

The film is shaping up to be a 10 – 12 minute foray into the dark world of the undead old west.

Gabriel will be moving the film through the festival circuit once it’s completed.  Readers of the site will also be interested to note that (a still brunette) Jen Page also has a role in Tex: Vampire Hunter.


You’ll also notice she’s sporting a nifty sword there in a somewhat unconventional manner.

Gabriel’s got an online journal detailing his film making exploits which I’d encourage you to visit if you’d like to see many more images from the film.  We’ll also be publishing an interview with him here in the near future – so all you aspiring film makers get your pens and pencils out!


I don’t know who is taking the photos but they’re great in their own right!

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