Mount & Blade Warband – new gameplay trailer

Taleworlds and Paradox released a new gameplay trailer for Mount & Blade Warband.  This is the multiplayer version of my all time favorite video game, Mount & Blade.  Not olnly does it have new multiplayer battles, but improved graphics and lots of other game improvements as well.


What’s new with M&B:W?


Overhauled graphics; HDR, FSAA, Depth of Field, Soft particles, Tone Mapping and many other effects are all now implemented.

· Majority of Models are being redone.

· Multiplayer battles can now handle up to 64 players with Mods including ‘Team Death Match’ and ‘Search & Destroy’.

· Ability to become the ruler of a faction and convince lords to become your vassals in the Single Player Campaign.

· Ability to upgrade your companions to vassalage by granting them land.

· Improved Mechanics for Soldier Morale: Soldiers will break and run away if their morale gets too low.


A summary of additional features previously revealed at GDC are Multiplayer for up to 32 players, improved strategic AI, improved graphics and optimization including customizable quick battles, extended diplomatic options and new weapons, armor and animations, a new faction with unique troops and equipment.

Other aspects introduced in Mount&Blade: Warband are improvements to the combat system with more physically accurate horse archery, a variation in horse sizes, and more options when embarking on sieges.


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25 thoughts on “Mount & Blade Warband – new gameplay trailer

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  1. One of the proplems I had with mount and blade is the fact there is no in combat moral and a fight was eaither total defeat or total victory. I think this will add a new level of strategy to the game, and make hopeless battles less stressful to a player.


    Ligon, Andrew F.


  2. Hey Ligon,

    The moral in combat has been changed in a number of Mods out there (not the least of which is the NE Mod) to more accurately reflect how your or their troops would react.

    Having that in Native will be nice too though.


  3. What I like the most the multiplayer is up to 64 player, imaging the masscare there, not to mention the redone over all the game.

    Hope it will be as told, I can’t afford more disappointments in games, problem u hear of title and working on it for years and then BOOM the game sux.

    Wish to be as good as it looks in the trailer.



  4. Got the base game on steam sale for tuppence. Easily one of my all time favorites and this expansion looks to make the weakest areas in the game great. I’ll be the guy in the pike formation holding a garden rake but wearing full plate. The best offense is a good defense?


  5. I think despite the name of the video, the first capture says that it is just “game footage”. I doubt it is intended as an official trailer. M&B is good, but I don’t know about the multiplayer. I hope it is at least as fun as the single campaign game. It is my understanding that the developers are open to a lot of suggestions from their gamers -and that it has been the case that gamers’ input has been a main source in shaping the new game-, so the final outcome may be more than interesting.


  6. I hear the multiplayer gaming of this game is pretty good, so is the overall game play. Yes I would agree that the graphics could be improved but when you into a game with great gameplay you tend to ignore its flaws!


  7. The online gaming really does open this up to a new area, playing live with up to 64 others is the big move into virtual reality, this is just one move towards a George Orwell gadgettry! What was the name of the device that was a 3d tv?


  8. Well that’s really neat. i really love the games you have mentioned in your blog. but as a multi player game, wouldn’t 64 players be a huge mess?? Anyway thanks for the information. Cheers


  9. first sorry for my bad english. i have a problem when i put very high garpichs the words appear gry can i slove the problem? please help me


  10. Has anybody actually played this game with 64 players, that sounds like awesome fun. Apparently, a lot of the professional soccer players in the UK spend most of their time online doing this sort of thing, probably because they have lots of spare time and money!


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