Section 8 looks to bring new, shiny things to FPS games

For the first time in a long time I’m actually looking forward to a new FPS game.  Section 8 looks quite appealing to me, both visually and in game play style.   I love that when you spawn into the game you start in a dropship and then “burn in” to the battlefield, essentially dropping from orbit onto the field at the location of your choice.  That to me beats the hell out of the competition where you either randomly spawn in some backwoods location or directly into the line of fire of a spawn camper.

I like the fact that the game’s only insta-kill action is to land on someone from low planet orbit.  I can see what it would have that effect as well.

The game sure looks pretty too.

Here are a bunch of screenshots, factoids and bits of info about Section 8.

Official Field Communiqué

From: Grand Marshall William Mulcahy, Commander – Task Force 33

To: Members of 8th Armored Infantry

Re: New Madrid Offensive

As many of you have already heard, the conflict in the Frontier Colonies has become an ever-growing threat to the empire and its people. This so-called “Arm of Orion” has already seized several imperial worlds, and has thus far gone unchallenged.

This cannot stand.

The Arm’s iron grip on New Madrid has been deemed the breaking point, and our time of action is at hand. At 0520 hours, your dropships will deploy from the Texas for the first assault on the planet. The 8th Armored will burn-in deep behind enemy lines and serve as the spearhead of our invasion forces.

You veterans know what is expected of you. There’s a reason why they refer to the 8th Armored Infantry as “Section 8” – let’s not disappoint.

For you new recruits getting a first taste of combat, remember your training and it will serve you well. Your powered armor suits are second to none, and will take the brunt of any punishment the Arm dish out. Take care of it, because that suit is the only thing between you and everything else on the battlefield.

Loadout customization is key, so remember to outfit your suit with the right weapons and support gear for the mission. You will call on your expertise in using all forms of combat arms, including explosives, firearms, tactical gear and vehicles.

For many of you, this is your first live Burn-In deployment. I have no doubt that this will be the easiest part of your mission, for once you reach the ground you will face some of the most determined fighters you have ever seen.

To aid you in this battle, Section 8 has procured several high-powered vehicles and strategic deployables that will be available to you via on-demand dropship deployment.

Remember the importance of your squad, and be aware of new mission objectives as they become available.

You are the finest this military has to offer. You are the first-in and last-out force that will set the tone of a battle from the second you touch down. The Section is nothing without the men that make up its ranks. Walk tall and walk proud, gentlemen: you are the greatest fighting force that has ever been assembled.

I don’t need to tell you the importance of this first offensive. I stand here only to address the heroes of tomorrow as they lead our people to victory.

Congratulations, soldiers – and welcome to Section 8.

If you’re interested in some weapon info, check this out:

Assault Rifle
The Assault Rifle is standard issue to every USIF soldier. It is fitted with a MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system, and fires a 15mm case-less armor-piercing round. The MK2 EMJ system layers each round into a harmonically tuned electromagnetic frequency, allowing it to wear down shields faster and makes it particularly effective at tearing through the armor of enemy infantry.

Machine Gun
The weapon, like every other firearm in the USIF armory, is fitted with a MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system. With its large magazine and high rate of fire, the Machine Gun excels in multiple-threat engagements. It is not as suited for long range combat as the Assault Rifle, but its massive slug (18mm case-less armor-piercing round) and large ammo drum makes it a formidable weapon in any enemy encounter. Its slower reload rate can be overcome with proper use of cover.

Missile Launcher
The Missile Launcher carries its ammunition inside a box magazine, and rather than firing a frag warhead each missile carries a shaped-charge HEAT round. Upon impact, it creates an explosion that creates a directional jet of superheated metal that burns through all known armors. Because the round is directional,the explosion generated by the round is minimized against shielded and armored targets on foot, but the impact explosion is devastating.

The Pistol is the newest evolution of the revolver and is preferred for its accuracy, quick rate of fire and effortless reloading. Its lower muzzle velocity makes it an ineffective weapon at extreme ranges, but large caliber slugs (.65 caliber round) more than make up for it with tremendous amounts of ballistic force. The Pistol has proven effective under fire and is an ideal backup weapon for combat deployment.

This weapon delivers a powerful blast that is most effective in close-quarters battle and lethal at pointblank range. Although the weapon has a slower firing speed than most infantry weapons, it reloads faster than most due to its quick-loading charges. Designed to utilize the MK2 Electro-magnetic jacketing system, each 20-gauge slug (filled with titanium bearings) is coated in a harmonically tuned electromagnetic field, which wreaks havoc with military and civilian-class personal shielding.

Sniper Rifle
This long-range rifle provides unparalleled accuracy and stopping power against distant targets. Utilizing a .85 caliber round the weapon is difficult to wield, but is devastating against shields and armor and carries a substantial effective range. Utilizing Kinetic Mass Drivers to propel the round and using an advanced optical technology (which interfaces directly to the soldier’s HUD), its extraordinary accuracy and armor-penetrating ability makes it an outstanding anti-infantry weapon.

Section 8 will be published for PC’s and Xbox 360s. If you follow the link at the top of the article, you can sign up for their US or European betas as well.

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